Flat Roofing Repairs & Maintenance in Bristol

Flat roofing, roof felt, asphalt flat roof or bitumen have a limited lifespan.

When repairing a flat roof we will consult with the customer about the roof condition. Sometimes the roof can be too badly deteriorated that a viable repair isn’t an option.

Our aim is to provide professional, efficient, guaranteed flat roof repairs with minimum disruption.

Main reasons for roof repairs:

  • Poor design – Inadequate fall on the roof or water drainage
  • Poor workmanship – Badly installed roof covering
  • Settlement – The roof holds water because the timbers supporting it have sagged and now allow water to pond on the roof
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Damaged Surface – for example walking and working on the roof without taking care.
  • Poorly installed flashings – Flashings not dressed to the surrounding walls correctly or incorrect use of flashing materials


Some of our maintenance & repair services include

  • Fixing leaking areas
  • Blisters in the felt
  • Repairs to splits and tears
  • Repairing to flashings
  • Roof treatments